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Misc Millinery Supplies


33m rolls

Colours: Black, Navy, Cream & White plus some select colours.

Oasis Spray Colours can be used to spray Crinoline. 5m cut lengths of 6" Crinoline in White now available for spraying.

Hat Linings:

6" (100mm)

Colours: Black, White, Navy, Ivory and Chocolate.

Metal Wire:

22 and 18 gauge rayon cotton covered wire (0.8mm and 1.2mm).

Colours: Black, White.

Miscellaneous Items:

Buckram: Black and white double sided - By the metre or by 50m roll (107cm wide).

Tarlatan: White only - By the metre (112cm wide).

Water Based Hat Stiffener: Suitable for felts, straws & Sinamay - 1 Litre Bottles (can be posted or airmailed), or bulk order in 5 Litre bottles by carrier.

Brimreed: 1.25mm or 1.5mm

Ferrules: for above or wire (to clip the ends together).

Veiling: (c.50m rolls or by 5 metres lengths) - over 10 colours available. The Oasis Spray Colours can also be used to spray Veiling.

The 'Spray' Product Range:

We are excited to announce a new range of products for the summer and winter.

Oasis Spray Colours:

We have, at present, 29 colours. A Shade Card is available upon request.

A sample card will be here - Photography in progress

The advantage of this product, compared to car paint sprays, is that it is designed for materials and therefore moves with the product, rather than forming a crisp layer that cracks. Oasis Spray Colours can be used on feathers, flowers, crinoline, veiling, sinamay, felts and pari-sisals.

Waterproofing Spray:

Spray on a finished hat for a 'shower proof' effect. A 400ml can gives protection to your felt, peach bloom, melusine or fur felt. Can also be used on old hats!

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